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Szilard Pafka


(pronounce Szilard as see-lard)

My bio in a few words: physics PhD, chief (data) scientist, meetup organizer, (visiting) professor, machine learning benchmarks

Bio in a few sentences (e.g. for conference talks): see here.

I’m probably mostly known for my machine learning benchmarks (pretty much the only publicly available independent/unbiased benchmark of open source general ML software) and for founding/running the first and the largest data meetups in Los Angeles.

My public projects (e.g. the machine learning benchmarks mentioned above or the material for the DS/ML courses I’ve been teaching at 2 universities) are here on github.

Leveraging my 15+ years of experience in the data field, I’ve been speaking a lot at DS/ML conferences and meetups, see some of my talks (video recording) here. If you like them, you are welcome to invite me to speak at your event.

Talk to me on twitter (I’m @SzilardPafka and tweet of course mostly about DS/ML), or connect with me on LinkedIn here (also find a short list of my qualifications/kind of a brief resume over there).